Pukeahu Pathway – Week One

Pukeahu Pathway. Massey Wellington Campus. Photos. Madison Hunt. Feb 28th, 2017.img052.jpg

There is a range of native plants, tussock lawn, and gardens. Foot traffic spaces and open shelters. Urban spaces with tall concrete buildings. There are few outdoor seating areas for students to study, relax or hang out.




Group Work – Week One

Introducing Sustainability: Ecosystems and Art/Design. Art and design providing vision for better futures and/or solutions to problems and/or a critique of actions/inactions/way of thinking.



Hunt, Madison. Ecological Map. MindMup. March 6th, 2017.


Ecological Design Examples


Melbourne City Council design for laneway. Web. Herald Sun. March 2nd, 2017.

Melbourne City Council in 2016 have created a program that turns laneways into a ‘leafy refuge’. “Melbourne City Council has used world-first mapping technology assessing sunlight, wind and ‘physical and functional characteristics’ to determine which laneways should go green” (Herald Sun). This is done to improve air quality, cool the city, create visual features, and a more social space.



Almeida, Alyssa. Greener Cities Poster Series. February 20, 2014. Web. Behance. March 2nd, 2017.

This poster series is to influence the incorporation of plants and trees in an urban environment. ‘There needs to be balance between hardscapes and softscapes in cities, not to mention the numerous beneficial factors to having more plants and trees’ (Almeida).





Massimo Roj of Progetto CMR. ‘Eco-Tower’. Web. ELUX Magazine. March 2nd, 2017.

This tower will be a residential tower in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is designed to be a symbol of ecological friendliness, which will be rich with lush tropical plants. ‘The design concept conceived by architect Massimo Roj  is based on the geometric form of a flower that grows upward’ (ELUX Magazine). This green building employs innovative solutions to allow a strong relationship with the environment. It will provide health benefits and comfort to residents.





Looking at Visual communication Design principle and connecting them with spatial design can create a cohesive and ecological awareness. The posters are less specific but relates to the innovative design in urban environments. This can incorporate the ideas of alternative energy use/production, inhabitant decisions and sustainable opportunities.






Herald Sun. Melbourne City Council. Article. Web. March 2nd, 2017.

Almeida, Alyssa. Greener Cities Poster Series. Behance. Web. March 2nd, 2017.

Massimo Roj. Eco-Tower. Web. ELUX Magazine. March 2nd, 2017.