Initial Design Concepts

Site Analysis

Forefront of our thinking- ECOLOGICAL DESIGN SYSTEM

Considering weather/climatic conditions, relation to other buildings, access to/from other parts of the campus, how many people can the space accomodate, distance from others working, what will work in the space (semi-permanent/semi-permiable), sense of enclosure, requirements of the project (outdoor space/wellness), seating, change of levels (elevations/dips), plants (soft/dense), structure of buildings.

Design language

  • Grid structure
  • Circle layout
  • Organic lines
  • Geometric
  • Group areas
  • Individual study
  • Using natural energy

Designing the space

  • Where is the entry?
  • Flow through the space
  • Divisions
  • Vertical elements
  • Horizontal elements
  • Overhead structures
  • Sensory elements
  • Biodiversity

First site – between Block 1 and 2.


Second site – behind Block 5.