Ecological Design and Principles


Massimo Roj of Progetto CMR. ‘Eco-Tower’. Web. ELUX Magazine. March 2nd, 2017.

Two principles used in the Eco-Tower ecological design.

Design with Nature. 

The eco-tower works with the natural processes that are made by the plants and trees on the outside of the villas. The shape of the tower is influenced by the natural/organic patterns of a flower. By having gardens on every floor it reduces the negative impacts by using a more sustainable and functional alternative. The solar roof, triangular core for support and air ventilation, rain water system to water the gardens, and natural light all create synergy within the environment. The entire roof design for the production of electricity and geothermal system all contribute it becoming a self-sustaining ecosystem.  ecotower.villa

Ecological Accounting Informs Design/ Everyone is a Designer

It is a residential tower, meaning the inhabitants are apart of a community with the shared values. Because the tower incorporates natural processes and cycles, it not only provides health benefits and comfort for the residents but also sustains the integrity of the structure and function of the design to be low in resource depletion and ecological impacts. By incorporating man made, controlled ecosystems within a natural environment reinforces the idea of the eco-tower being a symbol of ecological friendliness.



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